Stainless Medical Equipments UAE

In our day-to-day life, we all go to the doctors at least once and must have seen their medical equipment present in hospitals. Most of this medical equipment is made up of stainless steel due to its special properties it plays a vital role in the medical industry from crucial surgeries to biomedical plants to surgical operations. This critical situation needs tools that are highly safe for the human body. Here comes the live savor metal i.e, Stainless Steel.

“Stainless” we all have come across this word many times but have you ever noticed why it is highly in demand? Let me tell you why, as its name is stainless which means resistant to discoloration. Discoloration resulting from corrosion makes it reusable for a longer period without losing its shape and size.

Apart from this using stainless steel has numerous benefits it is widely used in different fields including medical, infrastructure, machinery, defense and domestic, etc. In the medical industry selecting the wrong material for medical equipment could have a disastrous effect and errors may have a punitive legal response. That’s why the use of only the most reliable and durable materials is so important.

The most common use of stainless steel in the medical industry are as follows:

  • • Hospital beds
  • • wheelchairs
  • • walkers
  • • IV stands
  • • Surgical equipment
  • • Artificial heart valves
  • • Orthopedic implants
  • • Bone Fixation
  • • Chemical Containers
  • • sinks/bowls/surfaces/trays/knives
  • • Specialty guide wires, Curettes, Screws/prostheses/plates, Medical needles
  • • Medical syringes etc.

Usage and Benefits of Stainless Medical Equipments

For medical practitioners, it is very important that the tools needed should be easy to maintain. Stainless steels tools are easy to clean and sanitize. So, there is an additional benefit that tools will not get affected by bacteria or infections. Nowadays medical equipment manufacturers provide a modern coating that is made up of micelles this add-on process gives stainless equipment great resistance against bacteria and it allows the material to sanitize itself

There is one more unique feature that comes in handy with this stainless medical equipment that is the property known as passivation in which the metal gets self-healed when damaged. In a long run, the uppermost layer or coating of the medical tool is likely to get some scratches so in such a situation this property protects the tool and helps it to be a long-lasting tool.

However, this aluminium cases as the life longevity due to its material made, it has resistant to rust, impervious to water vapour, resistant to UV radiation, unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuation, and which are recyclable and can be used in hard space. As the cases are also non-magnetic which support to the protection of electronics materials, which are widely used.

Stainless steel is also impervious to the various hazards of flame and heat. This is crucial so there are no concerns of the tools and equipment failing which could be risky for patients, medical personnel, and hospital staff. Stainless steels are inherent oxidation resistance as well as high- temperature strength that assist them in protection against fire. The use of stainless steel in the medical industry has brought out many life-saving changes in our lives.

There are many options when it comes to producing medical equipment or tool in the medical industry. However, stainless steel standout itself in many areas due to the properties mentioned above.

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